You go to a mountain chalet after a recent breakup. There, strange things are going to happen...

Warning : This game has 2 versions, one  censured and one +18 (NSFW):
- The one display in the browser is the censured one. It still contain horror theme and is not suited for children under 13.

- The other one (+18) i
ncludes sexually explicit content between men, nudity and horror themes. It is intended for adults only.

The Gayandere is a small visual novel made for 3 jams by :

It has around 7 800 words (less than an 1h) and several beautifuls CGs.

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Vous vous rendez dans un chalet de montagne après une récente rupture. Là-bas, des choses étranges vont se produire...

Avertissement : Ce jeu a 2 versions, une censurée et une +18 :
-La version affichée dans le navigateur est la version censurée. Elle contient toujours des thèmes d'horreur. Elle ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 13 ans.
- L'autre version (+18) inclut du contenu sexuellement explicite entre hommes, de la nudité et des thèmes horrifiques.
Elle est destinée exclusivement aux personnes majeures.

The Gayandere est une petite visual novel faite pour 3 jams par :

Il a environ 7 800 words (moins d'1h) et plusieurs belles CGs. 

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Release date Jan 28, 2022
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsAzephir, mystery zone games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Psychological Horror, Spooky
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivatives v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

Install instructions

For PC/Mac:

1- Download the right file corresponding to your computer

2- Unzip the folder

3-Double-click on "TheGayandere.exe".

4- Play ;-) !

For Android:

1- Download the right file (android.apk)

2- Autorise installing app from unknown sources in the settings of your device

3-Click on the apk file to install the game

4- Play ;-) !

Pour PC/Mac :

1- Téléchargez le bon fichier correspondant à votre ordinateur

2- Dé-zippez le dossier

3-Double-cliquez sur "TheGayandere.exe"

4- Jouez ;-) !

Pour Android:

1- Téléchargez le bon fichier (android.apk)

2- Autorisez l'installation d'applications d'origine inconnue dans les paramètres de votre téléphone appareil

3-Cliquez sur le fichier apk pour installer le jeu

4- Jouez ;-) !


TheGayandere(+18) 77 MB
TheGayandere(+18) 43 MB
TheGayandere(+18)-1.01b-android.apk 59 MB
Download 76 MB
Download 42 MB
TheGayandere_censored-1.01b-android.apk 58 MB

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This was so good. I enjoyed playing it. I gasped out loud when Alex said "Beware" it made some of the past deaths click for me. How his eyes got red during the more jealous/murder parts.  Jason is not as innocent as portrayed it seems. 

I'm glad you liked it ;-)
Thanks for your comment!

(1 edit)

This was a sinister experience. I had a lot of fun reading it! Great job on it! It had a unique style to it as well. I loved the art. 



Thanks for your video, it was really fun and interesting to watch!

I laughed a lot of times and I liked your guesses on the ending ;-)

I expected them to be a yandere for the mc, so I was so confused and shocked when I died the first time- Overall, it was an interesting read!

Ahaha, I didn't mean to shock you! But yeah, it's a die and retry game ;-)

I'm glad you found it interesting and that I surprised you!

Habituellement pas fan des jeux d'horreur mais celui-ci est sympa, ainsi que les graphismes. Ce qui est bien c'est la durée courte de l'histoire. Bref un petit jeu sympa :)

(1 edit)

Oh, j'avais oublié de répondre à ton commentaire (mais je l'avais vu, hein ;-))

Je suis content que ce petit jeu t'aie plu. C'était sympa à faire ^^

I'm stuck in a loop. How do I continue?

(1 edit)

Hi DarFish !

To get out of the loop, you have to not die ;-)

Warning spoilers : The most tricky death point is the evening meal... You have to be extra careful in what you eat and drink. (It's harder because you know the results of it later in the night)

If it's not clear, come talk to me directly on Discord !

thank you I’ll try that 

(1 edit)

I feel like there is a secret, is it possible to find it out in the game? I don't want to spoil it for anyone reading the comments, it just feels like a lot of things are left unanswered. Still, it's a very good game and I liked it.

Deleted 179 days ago
(1 edit)

Hi Nen,

Sorry for my previous answer, I get confused between my two games -_-'...

This game does have some things left unsolved, like many horror games ;-)

But the different CGs you unlock gives you clues about this ^^.

If you made it all the way through (i.e. got home), then you've discovered pretty much everything I put in the game (depending on how many times you went through the nightmare).

I'm glad you like the game and want to know more :-)

Thank you,



I would like to have sex with alex

Maybe in another game? Check Mystery Zone's game "Acolytes of the Chrystal" : The main character look a bit like Alex ;-) And I'm sure you can find boys to your liking there!

I like stories like that, very atmospheric and believalable. The art is pretty, though I'd avoid using the maximum white color as the background. On a bright monitor it looks very distractive, I often felt like I want to invert the colors))

Thank you for your feedback, I see what you mean!
I'm happy you liked the story and the art, though!


hello Azephyr !

It is a short game as you have written, but nicely done, interesting and with some good surprises inside. The illustrations and the soundtrack help us a lot to dive into this game and feel something strange, at the edge of reality ; there is a lot of mystery inside, and some very good ideas for the story itself. It is well written too (for the French part at least ; for the English part I am not a native speaker, anyway it seems good also to me) . Congrats !

Hello Repself,
Thank you for your nice comment, I'm glad you liked the game !